Your guide to Africa's debt conundrum

The Covid-19 pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine have increased debt distress risks in Africa, with 22 African countries now in debt distress or at high risk. How can Africa go about restructuring these debts?
  • Mauritania Rising

    • Mauritania's strategic vision

      Mauritania's Minister of Petroleum, Mines and Energy, Abdessalam Ould Mohamed Saleh, presents his grand vision for Mauritania as a producer and exporter of gas, petrol and hydrogen.
    • Mauritania set to double iron production

      Mauritania, Africa’s second largest iron producer, is putting its national flagship, SNIM, back on track to double its production by 2026. The high level of iron prices should help
    • Gas, the new deal for Mauritania

      With just a year to go until production starts on the Grand Tortue Ahmeyim gas field, Mauritania is on the verge of becoming a major global gas producer.

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  • Davos 2023: What does WEF hold for Africa?

    Can Africa use this year’s gathering to signal its embrace of challenges, highlight its potential and seek out meaningful partnerships that can facilitate its ambitions?
  • US-Africa Leaders Summit 2022

    The Biden administration’s flagship summit brought dozens of African heads of state to Washington DC. What were the expectations? What were the outcomes?
  • Africa's dash for gas

    With cutting emissions high on the global agenda, natural gas will play an increasing role as a transition fuel.
  • African agriculture in 2022

    Africa continues to be impacted by the global rise in food prices, an increase spurred by a perfect storm of factors of external factors.


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In the 500th issue of African Business, out now, we look at how Africa can profit from the extraordinary demand for its critical minerals. The continent has at least a fifth of the world’s reserves in a dozen minerals that are critical for the energy transition. But African policymakers will have to navigate fierce geopolitical competition between the US and China, drive a hard bargain with miners over investment and royalties, and support domestic industries to ensure that value is captured on the continent. Can the continent avoid the resource curse this time?


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    Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want

    • For an integrated approach to the SDGs and Agenda 2063

      Africa needs an integrated approach to implement its development agenda. The year 2016 marks a double transition period, from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Agenda 2030, and at the continental level, from the New Economic Partnership for Af…
    • African Union to promote Agenda 2063 and campaign against Child Marriage during the Africa Cup of Nation Women Finals in Cameroon

      A strong delegation from the African Union Commission (AUC) is expected to take active part at  the 10th Africa Women Cup of Nations to be held in Yaoundé, capital city of Cameroon from 19th November to 3rd December 2016. The biennial International Football Championship organized by the Confeder…
    • Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want

      What is the Agenda 2063? Agenda 2063 encapsulates Africa’s Aspirations for the Future and identifies key Flagship Programmes that can boost Africa’s economic growth and development and lead to the rapid transformation of the continent. Scroll down to discover the key initiatives of Agenda 2063. Spot…