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International footprint and mobility

Season 2, Episode 9

Duration: 46m

In this episode we are delighted to host Michael Vlahovic, Head of Private Banking UK at EFG Private Bank in Mayfair, London. Michael talks us through his career to date, with extensive experience in Zurich and a focus on good governance, value and client service. He details why the focus on premium client service and the high rates of service continuity amongst its private bankers makes EFG Bank so unique, and has supported its rapid expansion.

Michael explains how EFG’s recent phenomenal growth has enabled it to support clients in various geographies, including those in Sub-Saharan Africa. London remains a magnet for the wealthy from all over the globe, with its international connectivity and world class services. Michael also tells us more about the full suite of services EFG can provide such clients, including those seeking to emigrate to the UK.

Finally, we run through how EFG has been agile to innovate in maintaining the level of client service and continuing to find alpha in its investment strategies, despite the challenges presented by the global pandemic.

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