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Technology sector opportunities and inequalities with Musa Kalenga

Season 1, Episode 8

Duration: 41m

Podcast host Desné Masie speaks to African Business magazine editor David Thomas about the March issue of African Business magazine, a lusophone special looking at the new regime in Angola and its apparent purge of the dos Santos dynasty from state-owned enterprises and coffers.

We also discuss our Mozambique Special Report, and the prospects for the country in the wake of Cyclone Idai.

Our special guest is Musa Kalenga, venture capitalist and futurist and one of the co-founders of Africa Tech Round Up. We discuss with Musa the opportunities and challenges for tech in Africa, particularly how to widen digital inclusion and access to those whom Kalenga calls the “digitally invisible” to make Africa’s tech revolution broad-based and transformative.

We discuss the challenge of insufficient STEM training and outcomes-based startup incubator schemes. Finally, Kalenga talks us through some of the hottest tech sectors and deals in Africa over the past year.

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Executive producer and host: Desné Masie
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Group publisher: Omar Ben Yedder
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