In this episode we speak to Dr Alex Irune, the chief operating officer of wholly Nigerian-owned energy company, COO, Oando Energy Resources.

We discuss the effects of the Covid-crunch on Nigeria’s oil-dependent economy and how this affects the policy direction to diversify the economy. We also look at how technology can increase efficiency in oil and gas production and the transition towards renewable energy.

Irune also tells us about initiatives he is driving to support the youth of Nigeria in the country’s 60th anniversary of independence, to help realise its potential.  

We are also joined on the show by energy partner at Addleshaw Goddard, Rory Connor, who gives us a 5 minute overview of the progress of Nigeria’s petroleum bill to reform the energy sector and offers us his view on the international political economy of the energy transition.  

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Executive Producer and Host: Desné Masie
Co-producer: Peter Doerrie
Digital Editor: Charles Dietz
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