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Kenya’s crucial election

Season 2, Episode 31

Duration: 25m

On Tuesday 9 August Kenyans go to the polls for a crucial election to decide the direction of travel of East Africa’s economic giant for the next five years.

Veteran challenger Raila Odinga – who has received the vital endorsement of incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta – will go up against current deputy-president William Ruto, who is attempting to portray himself as the natural pick of Kenya’s “hustler nation”.

Opposition leader and former prime minister Raila Odinga (left) and Kenya’s deputy-president, William Ruto (right), the two main contenders for Kenya’s presidency. (Photo by Simon MAINA / AFP)

The outcome of the tense race will undoubtedly have profound implications for growth and development across East Africa. In this special election preview episode David Thomas, editor of African Business, is joined by Charlie Mitchell, Kenya reporter for the Times of London, who explains the competing visions of the contenders, the implications for economic policy, and the prospects of a free and fair vote.

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