Podcast host Desné Masie welcomes our special guest for Episode 10, Lord Peter Hain, who has had an eminent career in politics and is a world-leading expert on governance.

He was born in Kenya in 1950 and raised in South Africa, but in 1966 his family were forced to leave the country because of his parents’ involvement in the anti-apartheid movement. They moved to the UK where while still a teenager he became a leading member of the anti-apartheid movement, organising protests against tours by South Africa’s racially segregated rugby and cricket teams.

He went on to occupy important posts in the Labour governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, including minister for Africa, secretary of state for Northern Ireland and secretary of state for Wales. He has also been the leader of the House of Commons.

He continues to fight for social justice and good governance in Africa, and was instrumental in holding multinational firms KPMG, McKinsey, Hogan Lovell and Bell Pottinger accountable for their role in South Africa’s state capture scandal. His intervention played a large role in the eventual unwinding and downfall of Bell Pottinger.  

In a wide-ranging discussion, we talk about global leaders who have differentiated themselves with integrity, empathy and competence such as South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa, and those who have crumbled under media scrutiny such as Donald Trump. We also discuss whether lockdowns may cause more harm than good for Africa’s poor, who have been driven to desperation and starvation during the pandemic.

Lord Hain also offers some suggestions and guidance for good leadership and governance in the private and public sector and the wider global economy.

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