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Building a world-class insurance business

Season 2, Episode 9

Duration: 31m

In this episode we are joined by Dr Matt Lilley, head of Africa for leading insurer Prudential PLC.

Dr Lilley talks us through Prudential’s strategy in Africa, and how it started the business partnering with local players, beginning in Ghana in 2015. The company learnt from its experience building out a leading insurance presence with consumers in ASEAN, and its people-driven business has seen it go from strength to strength on the African continent too, where it wants to remain an employer of choice.

Prudential has been performing well on the continent by really listening to its customers. By sticking to its long-term strategy and building on previous momentum, it is proving resilient during Covid-19. Lilley tells us about his vision for continued growth for the business and he is especially excited about the role of technology for digital inclusion and product innovation.

The group is particularly proud of the rollout of its artificial intelligence powered app, Pulse, on the continent. Pulse has proved extremely successful in Asia, and its Africa rollout will start with the Kenyan market, where it will make healthcare more accessible to all.

In addition to supporting economic development and financial inclusion in Africa, the group is also committed to ensuring mental health and wellbeing programmes to support both its staff and its customers alongside the life insurance business.

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