The Djibouti Forum: Investors gather in the Horn of Africa

By showcasing its investment opportunities and fostering global partnerships, Djibouti is poised to emerge as a leading investment destination.


The inaugural Djibouti Forum convenes for two days in May at the Ayla Grand Hotel Djibouti, welcoming political and business leaders, investors and policymakers from around the globe to catalyse strategic investment and establish relationships in Djibouti and the broader Horn of Africa region. 

Under the High Patronage of H.E. Ismail Omar Guelleh, President of the Republic of Djibouti, the forum will provide a unique opportunity for participants to gain insights into Djibouti’s investment climate, regulatory framework, and priority sectors for investment. These include sustainable natural resources and energy, telecoms and digital infrastructure, financial services, country-wide infrastructure, technology, tourism, healthcare and education.

The forum is hosted by the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Djibouti, a fund created in March 2020 under the stewardship of CEO, Dr Slim Feriani, a former Tunisian Minister with over 25 years of experience in international capital markets. The aim is to diversify and modernise the country’s economy and boost its growth by relying on a competitive private sector and generating wealth for future generations. 

Each speaker is a renowned specialist in their field and will offer unique insight into the long-term FDI opportunities Djibouti has to offer. 

The forum will also host exclusive networking events, workshops, and platforms which will allow attendees to engage one-to-one with key decision-makers and to develop ideas and instruments through which investors will be able to invest and/or de-risk projects.

Key themes at the forum

The Power of Ports: Understanding how Djibouti’s ports can drive economic growth, enhance logistics, and facilitate international trade.

Investing for Tomorrow: Exploring Djibouti’s key sectors in greater detail.

Uniting Continents: Investigating unique investment opportunities, including cross-border collaborations and investments, and fostering economic integration.

A World of Contacts:Extensive networking opportunities, connecting high-profile delegates with potential partners, and
government officials from around the globe.

Economic Growth: Shedding light on the progressive policies and initiatives aimed at facilitating foreign investments, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship between investors and the host nation.

The forum begins on the evening of Friday 12 May with a cocktail reception at the Djibouti Exhibition Centre. The title of the first day of sessions on 13 May is Unlocking Investment Opportunities in Djibouti: An Investment Business Case. The forum’s Investor Day is on 14 May.

On the morning of the 13th, a welcome address by Dr Slim Feriani will be followed by a dialogue with Djibouti’s President, H.E. Ismail Omar Guelleh, and fireside chats on Djibouti’s Ports as Global Trade Gateways and Co-Investing in Africa: Pan-African Institutional Investors’ Viewpoint – why Africa is ripe with investment opportunities. 

Breakaway sessions in the afternoon will focus on the sectors of Tourism, Energy and Renewable Resources and Financial Markets. The evening will conclude with a Gala Dinner in the Sheraton Hotel, Djibouti City.

Day Two of the sessions will open with breakaway sessions on Agro-Processing, Ports and Logistics, Technology, Connectivity & Data Centres, followed by a roundtable on Digital Economies and Fintech.

Interested guests will be able to enjoy a site visit to Djibouti’s state-of-the-art Doraleh Multipurpose Port and then explore one of three project sites – PK23, Damerjog, or the new data centre.

There will then be the opportunity for a unique visit to the unforgettable Moucha Islands to explore Djibouti’s natural beauty and perhaps even catch a glimpse of resident humpback whales.

Strategic position

As Djibouti looks to capitalise on its strategic advantages and unlock its full economic potential, the inaugural investment forum signals a new chapter in the country’s development journey. 

By showcasing its investment opportunities and fostering partnerships with global investors, Djibouti is poised to emerge as a leading investment destination in the Horn of Africa, driving sustainable growth, prosperity, and development for its people and the region as a whole.

With its stable political climate, transparent governance, and pro-business policies, Djibouti offers investors a secure and favourable investment climate conducive to long-term growth and success. 

This inaugural forum serves as a testament to Djibouti’s commitment to fostering a business-friendly environment and promoting economic diversification, offering its attendees best-in-class investment opportunities and potential.

For more information and to apply to attend the Djibouti Forum 2024 please click the link below.

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