In Conversation with Ropafadzo Shoko

We spoke to Ropafadzo Shoko, legal and incubation lead at the Elevate Trust in Zimbabwe on her plans for Africa’s youth.


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Ropafadzo Shoko, one of the younger participants at CoM2024 is determined to ensure that young people have a say in the green transition, given that they comprise more than half of the region’s population. 

In her role at the Elevate Trust, Shoko supports young entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses. Her organization also runs an initiative to sensitize students from primary school upwards on climate issues.  

Working with students, she has seen firsthand the power of capacity building to change the trajectories of peoples’ lives. 

She insists succession planning for Africa’s future is imperative, getting young people to benefit from the experience of those ahead of them before they are required to step up. 

“We need to harness the innovative knowledge of young people to create solutions. This will help us to find cheaper effective ways to realise the green transition.”

She say this must be an inclusive process. “How do we ensure that rural women are included [in the conversation]? How do you include the very youngest demographic?” 

Young entrepreneurs should be part of the conversation from the outset, “not an afterthought”.