12 fast-growing African companies selected for the ‘deal room’ at Africa 2017 in Egypt

For Immediate Release CAIRO: Twelve fast-growing African companies have been selected to win a place in the Deal Room – a special matchmaking platform for African companies – to be held at the Africa Forum 2017 on December 8 and 9th in Egypt.  The selected companies will meet and pitch their business to leading investors, private […]


For Immediate Release

CAIRO: Twelve fast-growing African companies have been selected to win a place in the Deal Room – a special matchmaking platform for African companies – to be held at the Africa Forum 2017 on December 8 and 9th in Egypt. 

The selected companies will meet and pitch their business to leading investors, private equity firms and venture capital firms to secure funding for their business expansion and growth. They will have a 30 minutes window to achieve this. These 12 companies – hand picked from over 100 entrants from across Africa that applied to participate – were chosen for their strong financial track record, solid revenue, and expansion and export potential. Leading African economic intelligence company Asoko Insight ran the selection process.

Africa 2017 is the biggest B2B and B2G forum to take place in Africa this year, bringing together government delegations from over 30 countries and over 1,000 business leaders from across the continent. The Forum, which will take place on the 8th and 9th December in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, will be preceded by a Young Entrepreneurs Day, on the 7th December aimed to connect tomorrow’s future business leaders, with like-minded entrepreneurs and help them, through a series of workshops and discussions, take their businesses to the next level. 

Speaking on the partnership, Asoko CEO and co-founder, Rob Withagen, said, “We are delighted and excited to be an official knowledge partner at the Africa 2017 Forum. African businesses are rapidly growing in number and sophistication, but the challenge of positioning themselves in front of institutional investors and global corporates, remains. Being part of initiatives such as this, designed to enhance private sector cooperation and drive investment in sectors of strategic interest within Africa, is at the core of our vision at Asoko”.

The Deal Room at Africa 2017 will focus on companies from three sectors: i) agri/agribusiness ii) transport and logistics; and iii) light manufacturing. Each of these industry sectors align with the theme of Africa 2017 to promote inclusive growth and cross border trade in the African region.

The companies selected are : Variable Solutions Pvt Limited, Zimbabwe, Tabbris Oil Mills Limited, Nigeria, Wilson’s Juice Co., Nigeria, Lori Systems, Kenya, Berekotry Ltd., Nigeria, Simplex, Egypt, Tagaddod , Egypt, Sustineo Magnus Limited, Nigeria, Hamaressa Edible Oil Share Company, Ethiopia and Beza Mar Agro Industry P.L.C, Ethiopia, Naviacom, Tunisia,  and Heavymat Industry, Togo. 



If you need further information, please do not hesitate to email/contact Ishara Callan at [email protected]


Please find below information about the companies that have been selected and will pitch in the Deal Room.


Company Overview



Sector: Agriculture/Agritech

Base Country: Zimbabwe

Description: VARIABLE SOLUTIONS (PRIVATE) LIMITED is a wholly owned Zimbabwean Software Solutions company. The company provides services and products that range from USSD Mobile Applications, Web Based Applications, Mobile Web Applications, Desktop Applications and Database Management Systems.

The company also offers Networking Solutions, Data Warehousing Solutions and many other IT related solutions. The company whose main thrust is providing required and quality services farms and other businesses for fast and easy business practices and providing them with after sales support for future growth in this ever changing global village.


2)Name of Company: Tabbris Oil Mills Limited

Base Country: Nigeria

Sector: Agriculture (including supplies, farming, agro-processing, storage, export, support services)

Description: Tabbris Oil Limited is a full fledge and duly registered Nigerian palm oil production company with mills located in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. At full capacity our mills can produce up to 60 tonnes of palm oil daily.  We emphasize on modern agricultural practices and optimal use of resources. Tabbris embraces excellent management practices driven by a young and dynamic team.
Tabbris currently has 2 mills with total assets worth about N65M.


3)Name of Company: Wilson’s Juice Co.

Base Country: Nigeria

Sector: Agriculture/Food & Beverages

Description: Wilson’s Juice Co. has come a long way from its humble beginnings selling homemade hand-squeezed lemonade to students at Covenant University.

From dorm room to dorm room, word of their flavour-packed lemonade spread quickly and before long they were bottling their juiciest lemons into their uniquely designed bottles, right here in Nigeria. Our drinks are made with real fruits. It also does not contain any artificial colouring, flavouring, additives or sweeteners.

Wilson’s juice company seeks to create better by promoting great-tasting, healthier and natural beverages; and creating better moments for fun and enjoyment. We strive to utilize Nigeria’s natural resources maximally while creating world-class brands and products that add real value


4) Name of Company: Lori Systems

Base Country: Kenya

Sector: Transport & Logistics

Description: Based in Nairobi, Lori Systems utilizes technology to optimize and simplify logistics for cargo owners by connecting them to long haul trucks as a solution to the fractured and inefficient current haulage system. This provides reliable and efficient transportation options for cargo owners while creating a continuous workflow for trucks. The platform brings down costs for cargo owners while increasing revenues for truckers. Clients include the major millers of East Africa, as well as other major agricultural and industrial companies looking for logistics solutions to provide their raw materials. Lori generates revenue by providing its platform to both cargo owners and truckers. Lori has 100% retention of clients while growing through Word of mouth.


5) Name of Company: Berekotry Ltd.

Base Country: Nigeria

Sector: Light Manufacturing

Description: Bio-based product developer with 7PATENTS & 3REGULATORY Credit as current best Nigeria-UNDP innovator & unrestricted federal Grants to show. Non pyrolytic conversion of agric cellulose materials to Green Products For Industrial application in Oil &Gas Upstream, Lubricants, Biocides, Life Sciences, Leather Processing, Bio polymers & Composites applicable in Automotive, Infrastructure, 3DPrintingFilaments , Robotics, Automation , Space , Aviation and Rapid Prototyping etc.


6) Name of Company: Simplex

Base country: Egypt

Sector: Light Manufacturing (including textiles & leather, paper & plastics, food & beverages)

Description:  Simplex offers industrial solutions to a wide variety of regional manufacturers spanning a number of industries. Since its establishment in 2013, the firm has mainly manufactured CNC router machines for the Egyptian market by combining quality components with a highly personalized pre- and post-sales experience. The CNC machine allows users to cut and engrave wooden, acrylic and aluminium surfaces with a high degree of accuracy, speed, and reproducibility, which results in a stronger production process than one relying on skilled manual labour. In the first year Simplex sold its CNC router machines in 11 governorates all over Egypt. 


7) Name of company: Tagaddod

Base country: Egypt

Sector: Biodiesel production

Description: Tagaddod (Arabic for ‘renewal’) is a pioneering renewable Energy and Waste Management Egyptian company, established in 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. Tagaddod operates an ISCC certified production facility that produces Biodiesel from used cooking oil (UCOME). Biodiesel is a green fuel that is used in conventional diesel engines, which can directly substitute for or extend supplies of traditional petroleum diesel.


8) Name of company: Sustineo Magnus Limited

Base country: Nigeria

Sector: Agribusiness

Description: Since our corporate existence, we have traded primarily in non- exchange traded commodities such as Shea Nuts, Shea Butter, Cashew Nuts, Tubers, Ethnic Foods and Vegetables, etc. We recently setup a craft Shea Butter processing factory processing premium Organic Unre ned Shea Butter that is ideal for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food industries. In addition to its primary focus on trading in non-exchange traded commodities, the company produces and distributes Shea Butter based skin care products for household uses. The shea butter it produces
is also sold in bulk to buyers of Shea butter who intend to process the product for some other uses. The company sources its main raw material (Shea Nuts) across rural communities in the North Central region of Nigeria through its local buying agents.


9) Name of company:  Hamaressa Edible Oil Share Company

Base country: Ethiopia

Sector: Agriculture/ Manufacturing of Edible Oil

Description: Hamaressa Edible Oil Share Company is the second largest oil company in Ethiopia. Revenue is generated from sales of refined oil and oil cake. The company produces, imports and distributes palm oil. Target clients are wholesale distribution companies, private agents, universities, hospitals, hotels and restaurants.


10) Name of company:   Beza Mar Agro Industry P.L.C

Base country:  Ethiopia

Sector: Agriculture (including supplies, farming, agro-processing, storage, export, support services)

Description: Beza Mar Agro-Industry P.L.C. is a newly emerging and pioneer organization in the apiculture sub-sector. The company was established in 2003 with the aim of collecting, processing and supplying the untapped apicultural resources of the country for both local and export markets. Beza Mar is established as a private limited company owning modern honey processing plant. The company has been engaging in the production of table honey and beeswax since 2008 and has gradually started to export honey and beeswax to the international market. After the EU accreditation of Ethiopia under the third country listing, Beza Mar became the first private company to supply organic semi-processed honey and bees wax to the UK market. Since then, the company obtained exposure to foreign markets and became registered as an exporting company of honey and beeswax. Furthermore, Beza Mar expanded its market to other EU countries, Middle East, Japan and USA. The company acquired ISO 22000 and Organic certificates.


11) Name of Company: Naviacom

Base Country: Tunisia

Sector: Transport & logistics

Description: Naviacom, founded in 2013, is a machine-to-machine connectivity solution provider specializing in telematics and eet management. Naviacom provides high-performance, scalable, hardware-agnostic and cost-e ective solutions that can fully integrate into existing business systems. The solution allows real-time collection of information such as vehicle behaviour, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and driver insights to increase productivity, reduce expenses, and improve safety.

The company has been pro table since 2015 thanks to more than 200 customers with more than 1,600 vehicles connected to our-cloud based platform. We started operating in Tunisia then expanded the business across 3 other African countries.
The global eet management market size is expected to grow to USD 30 Billion by 2022. Our biggest competitive advantage is in Sub-Saharan African countries where competition is very poor and prices are 3 times higher than our solution.


12) Name of Company: Heavymat Industry

Base Country: Togo

Sector: Manufacturing

Description: HEAVYMAT INDUSTRY is present today in 7 countries of the West African sub-region (Benin, Burkina-Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Togo), with a legacy of more than 30 years. .Its expertise on the eld and the quality of its o er make it a key player in its market. Faced with growing demand and African growth, the success of the HEAVYMAT INDUSTRY model is expected to increase tenfold in terms of storage capacity, customer proximity and competitiveness.
Its visionary, pan-African DNA directs it towards an industry that is increasingly innovative and responsible in order to contribute to the construction of the Africa of tomorrow.


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