African Digital Banking Transformation Report 2023

Against an adverse macroeconomic environment, African banks remain resilient and committed to invest in digitization to remain relevant in today’s competitive landscape.

For the third consecutive year, African Banker magazine and Backbase have joined forces to bring you the most comprehensive benchmark of Africa's digital banking revolution, the African Digital Banking Transformation Report 2023.

  • The Digital Transformation Investment: Find out how much banks are investing in their digital transformation initiatives and gain valuable insights into their strategies.
  • Key Challenges in Digital Transformation: Explore the top challenges that banks are encountering on their journey towards digital transformation and learn how they are overcoming them.
  • AI: The Game-Changing Technology Understand why a staggering 69% of banks believe that AI will be the most crucial technology shaping the industry and how it will revolutionize banking as we know it.
  • Priority Digital Services: Gain insights into the digital services that banks are prioritizing this year and how these services are reshaping customer experiences.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the African banking industry.

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Key insights from the African Digital Banking Transformation Report 2023

About the report

Digital transformation is crucial to the future of African banking. The digitisation process is completely transforming the African banking sector, but big questions remain over the speed of that transformation and the nature of the changes being implemented.

To provide a clear roadmap for digital transformation across the banking sector in Africa, African Banker magazine and Backbase, the leading Engagement Banking Platform, have created a report that deep dives into the new reality faced by Africa’s banks.