Lesotho: Journalism Needs to be Professionalized

Government of Lesotho
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The Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) says journalism is a noble profession that has ethics hence all registered media houses should provide training for journalists in line with the Broadcasting Code, 2022.

This, was revealed at the press conference held on Friday at LCA premises.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Nizam Goolam said the reason for the press conference was to clarify the confusion of media platforms in relation to the Broadcasting Code, 2022 regulation 5 which is beneficial for the media and the public.

Mr. Goolam said the Broadcasting Code, 2022 which came into effect on 14 April 2022, states that media houses that have hired journalists without journalism qualifications should be engaged in six months of training while editors in two years of training.

He further stated that those who will be hired after training should have journalism qualifications from a registered and recognized institution, adding that editorial staff who have certification confirming journalistic training of no less than two years of continuous training from a registered and recognised college or university.

“The presenter of any program should have control of the show, and for this to happen they must have journalism ethics hence training for journalists is important”, Mr. Goolam said.

Also speaking from LCA Regulatory Affairs, Adv. Tankiso Mohobo said LCA will monitor the training throughout its course to ensure its success.

He said LCA will continue to have regular meetings with media houses to monitor that they compile with the set regulations and also to know their challenges.

When responding to questions, Chief Regulatory Officer at LCA, Adv. Thato Ponya said all media houses were informed about the Broadcasting Code before it was gazetted and it is not true that they were not consulted regarding the broadcasting code.

He noted that all media houses were represented at the National Reform Authority (NRA) where media policy was presented before the NRA members.

He added that journalism is a profession that needs to be respected like any other profession in the country, saying it has to be mandated according to its ethics.

He mentioned that the Authority has Statutory power to regulate telecommunications, broadcasting and postal services; collectively referred to as the communications sector hence the Authority has the power among others to set standards that regulate communication sectors in order to regulate and grow the sector.

In conclusion, he said LCA supports this law because it is for the common good and what Basotho wants.

The Broadcasting Code, 2022 states that a broadcaster shall recruit and retain: (a) presenters who have certification confirming journalistic training of no less than 6 months of continuous training from a registered and recognized institution and (b) editorial staff who have certification confirming training of no less than two years.

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