President wishes Muslim communities well for the Holy Month of Ramadan

The Presidency: Republic of South Africa
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President Cyril Ramaphosa offers his best wishes to South Africa’s Muslim communities for the Holy Month of Ramadan which commences this weekend. 

President Ramaphosa said: “The Holy Month of Ramadan, the observance of the Fast and the social support and charity demonstrated by Muslims during this period is an integral part of our nation’s cultural and religious diversity.

President Ramaphosa said: “In 2022, we welcome the coincidence of Ramadan with Freedom Month, a period during which we remember and honour the many individuals, organisations, movements and associations who fought for us to be free today.

During this Month of Ramadan, we will remember Shaykh Abdul Hamiet Gabier, Life President of the Muslim Judicial Council and former Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who passed away very recently.

“Shaykh Gabier’s activism in his immediate community and congregation, his role as a founder of Call of Islam and his contribution to our struggle through the United Democratic Front was invaluable.

He was a successor to a rich succession of Muslims and Muslim leaders who considered resistance to apartheid as a fundamental obligation of faith.

It is my hope that the Holy Month will be a period of peace, of closeness among families and neighbours, a period of sharing, and a period in which all South Africans will adopt and practice the values that underpin the Holy Month of Ramadan.”

The President urges communities to to bear in mind COVID-19 safety measures as they worship and socialise during this month.

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