Entrepreneur couple, Dwight and Angelique Morrison creates new social media app “PS Remember” connecting students all across Africa

PS Remember

Created by Dwight and Angelique Morrison, PS Remember (www.PSRemember.com) is a new and exciting social media platform that connects students’ past, present, and future in over 2.5 million schools in more than 147 countries worldwide.

Its unique database and search engine allow students to connect and socialize like never before with students in other countries. For example, a student currently attending the University of Ghana can now connect directly with other students attending the University of Lagos in Nigeria, the University of Nairobi in Kenya or even the University of South Africa in South Africa.

Thinking about studying abroad? PS Remember can help you connect internationally with students in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Brazil, India and many more countries. Get to know more about the schools or programs you are considering attending from real students before investing your time and money.

PS Remember can also reconnect users with former classmates from high school, college, or university regardless of the graduation year even if the school has since closed or changed its name. This feature has helped many people locate long lost friends, especially the ones that have been suddenly displaced by war or unforeseen circumstances. Reconnect with your former classmates regardless of where they are currently located.  

The benefits are not just limited to students. Colleges and Universities in over 147 countries have now been able to showcase their programs and scholarships to millions of students worldwide, appealing to prospective international students more easily and, as a result, have seen an increase in their rate of registration. 

Register now! It’s free. Connect with your classmates and make new friends. Share your posts, pictures, videos and stories.

PS Remember, connecting students, past present and future. 

Sign up today and share your journey! 

Visit www.PSRemember.com or download the app today, from the Google Play store (https://bit.ly/3wSdt4f) or The App Store (https://apple.co/3L8Mi8Q).

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