Committee Unanimously Supports Liquor Policy

The Chairperson of the Select Committee on Trade and International Relations, Mr Eddie Makue, has voiced satisfaction that all political parties in the Committee have welcomed the National Liquor Policy. Mr Makue said this is a positive step towards regulating responsible alcohol use in the country.“There was unanimity across all political party lines that indeed the policy is important and will contribute towards responsible drinking. This will potentially deal with the aspects of safety and security in the broader society,” Mr Makue said.“We need to look at the detrimental impact alcohol has on our society and give consideration to raising the sin tax such that it becomes a deterrent to the abuse of alcohol, especially by young people,” he said.The Department of Trade and Industry was in Parliament to brief the Committee on the liquor policy. The Department said it had consulted widely, but cautioned that the liquor industry wields a significant influence over regulating the industry.Mr Makue urged the Department to consult widely on the policy and ensure it reaches such organisations as religious leaders and taverns associations.Distributed by APO on behalf of Republic of South Africa: The Parliament.Media filesDownload logo