Chad: Update on the people having allegedly surrendered in the Lac region – Situation Report no 1 (18/11/2016)

Chad: Update on the people having allegedly surrendered in the Lac region - Situation Report no 1 (18/11/2016) : HighlightsMore than 1,000 people having allegedly surrendered have progressively arrived in Baga Sola since July 2016 and are held by the Chadian authorities in three locations. 70% of these people are women and children, according to data made available by the ongoing joint mission of the Government and the United Nations, and local authorities. The status determination of children and adolescents under the age of 18 is under way. To date, 486 children and adolescents have been interviewed by the United Nations in compliance with MRM (Monitoring Reporting Mechanism) protocols. These children and adolescents require immediate psychosocial support and care. The status of the adults has not yet been determined by the competent authorities. In accordance with humanitarian principles, at present direct assistance by the humanitarian community cannot be considered. Situation OverviewAs of 15 November, 1,034 people who have allegedly surrendered to the authorities were reported in the Lac region (Chad). These people reportedly presented themselves to military authorities in the border areas since the end of July 2016 and were transferred by the authorities to Baga-Sola. They are currently held in three sites, including Baga-Sola high school, where the Multinational Joint Taskforce assures the security. The Chadian authorities have granted humanitarian access to humanitarian organisations in order to allow individual interviews to identify the most vulnerable within the group and their specific needs. The situation is dynamic as new arrivals continue to be reported. The trend shows a gradual and significant increase, with waves of hundreds of people who have allegedly surrendered. Distributed by APO on behalf of Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).Media filesDownload logo