August issue of African Business – out now!

Agribusiness in Africa is the main focus and cover story in the August/September edition of African Business.

Through a series of articles, this issue takes an in depth look at this vital economic sector and focuses on showcasing the various measures, solutions and innovations necessary to help African agriculture to develop to its fullest potential.

The feature includes discussions on new and innovative farming methods and also explores how smallholders can be supported appropriately by governments and businesses. With an exploration of agro corridors and their capability to attract investment, the piece offers insights into innovations such as ‘soilless agriculture’ in the development of high-tech seed and solutions; a debate about international policy towards African agribusiness and how to ensure that all parties benefit; and a look back at the state of Zimbabwe’s agriculture 15 years after land reform.
This issue also provides an in-depth analysis about debt, covering which African countries are taking on large amounts of Chinese debt; and examines how Greece’s debt crisis relates to the lessons learned by Africa; and an expose on a very controversial bond deal in Mozambique  which is being called the biggest financial scandal the country has faced.
A range of other features include a look at Zambia’s uneasy mining truce, the role of blended financing in funding infrastructure and the changing nature of Japan-Africa relations. The African Business special report on Japan-Africa relations includes the state of trade between the two partners, agriculture-led growth and the general direction in which the relationship is heading. Meanwhile, interviews with Toyota and Honda show that Africa is being seen as a place of great potential for automobiles. The Report is extremely timely, given the forthcoming Africa Japan Business Investment Forum (, hosted by African Business Conferences in Addis Ababa at the end of August.
The August issue of African Business is out now and digitally available via It is also available on Apple and Android app stores.